EndoFLEX Spectar

High-performance. Compact. Tidy

A versatile system for outpatient clinics and medical offices

Based on the EndoSTROBE E camera processor, a PanelPC and the DiVAS software for recording, managing and evaluating examination data, the EndoFLEX Spectar system configuration is suitable for integration into treatment units in outpatient clinics or medical offices. The system is connected to the HIS or PACS or to medical-office software systems via standard interfaces such as DICOM / HL7 or GDT.

  • Excellent image quality by means of image processing routines specially adapted to the application
  • Universal connectivity of 2D application parts with sensor resolutions up to FullHD
  • Integrated high-performance LED light source
  • Silent and artefact-free stroboscopy
  • Real-time EGG module with superimposition on the live image supplements the optical findings with the diagnostic possibilities offered by electroglottography

The XN HD video nasopharyngoscope allows artefact-free high-resolution stroboscopy of the vocal folds. The LED lighting and microphone integrated in the handle reduces cables and interfaces, thus significantly improving handling.

Alternatively, the XN P with only 2.7 mm shaft diameter for paediatric applications, the XN S or the XN P20 with a 2.0 mm working channel can be used.

  • Ergonomic handle with programmable function keys
  • The camera sensor, light source, optics, microphone and control keys are ergonomically integrated into a single instrument and connected to the processor by means of just one cable

For stroboscopy of the vocal folds using rigid laryngoscopes, we recommend the special camera head with integrated microphone.
Camera heads with fixed focal lengths or zoom with resolutions up to 4K/UHD are available for all standard applications.

  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Individually programmable buttons
  • Zoom lens 16-32 mm or fixed focal length 22 mm
  • optionally with integrated microphone
  • If required, the processor can be attached to a roller stand with the EndoDESK back wall system or integrated directly into treatment units.

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Components of the EndoFLEX Spectar system

Camera Processors for Laryngo-Stroboscopy

For many years, XION has been defining the technical standard for stroboscopic examinations of the vocal apparatus.

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Camera Processors for Laryngo-Stroboscopy

Flexible video endoscopes

XION manufactures flexible video nasopharyngoscopes for different processor platforms.

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Flexible video endoscopes


The MATRIX DS Data Station with DiVAS software, which is approved for use in the patient environment, forms the basis for digitally recording, managing and evaluating patient and examination data in XION Endoscopy Systems.

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PanelPC 21.5''

DiVAS software

The modular DiVAS software is used to record, process and manage patient and examination data such as endoscopic image data and voice diagnostics examination data.

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DiVAS software