EndoSURGERY 3D Spectar

2D and 3D endoscopy in a single system

The easy entry into 3D endoscopy

The EndoSURGERY system can be expanded into a 3D endoscopy system simply by adding the 3D camera head and the 3D endoscope attachments suitable for the respective application.

The compact and lightweight 3D camera head in combination with the 3D endoscope attachments enables brilliant 3D images, even with an endoscope diameter of just 2.7 mm.

  • Uncomplicated expansion to a 3D endoscopy system, even at a later date
  • Interchangeable 3D endoscope attachments for different requirements
  • Sterile adapter for efficient draping and easy changing of lenses under sterile conditions
  • Easy switching between 2D and 3D

3D endoscopy and microscopy on a single platform

For combined surgical microscopy, the 3D microscope camera provides the means for connecting existing surgical microscopes, e.g. ZEISS or LEICA, to the Matrix P Spectar camera processor for seamless integration into the 2D/3D endoscopy system.

  • Easy integration
  • Improved workflow
  • Rapid switching between 3D microscopy and endoscopy
  • Co-observation and recording in 3D and 2D

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Components of the EndoSURGERY 3D Spectar system

Camera processors for surgery

Equipped for native sensor resolutions up to 4K/UHD, MATRIX P Spectar Camera Processors offer new possibilities for rigid and flexible endoscopy with the usual ease of use.

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Camera processors for surgery

MATRIX LED duo and fibre-optic light conductor

The high light intensity, compact design and option for external control make XION light sources suitable for a wide range of endoscopic applications, including video-stroboscopy.

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Spectar camera heads

Thanks to the universal Spectar Connector, a growing number of freely interchangeable application parts are available for the Spectar camera platform, whereby the 3D and 4K/UHD camera heads are supported exclusively by the P/PL processors.

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Spectar Camera Head 3D HD

Rigid Endoscopes

XION manufactures rigid endoscopes with sizes ranging from 1.9 to 10 mm and different useful lengths and viewing directions to suit the respective applications.

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3D Endoscope Attachment

DiVAS 2.8

The modular DiVAS software is used to record, process and manage patient and examination data such as endoscopic image data and voice diagnostics examination data.

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DiVAS 2.8