XION stands for 30 years experience in the development and production of instruments up to complex systems for medical endoscopy.
The company has been trading under its current name XION since the merger of companies ETM Endoskopische Technik GmbH Munich, ETB Endoskopische Technik GmbH Berlin and Meditronic GmbH Hohen Neuendorf in 2000.
Since the sale of the gastroenterology division to Karl Storz GmbH & Co KG in 2003, XION has developed into one of the leading suppliers of endoscopic camera processors and flexible video endoscopes, especially for the ENT / voice diagnostics / phoniatrics sector.

  • XION celebrates its 30th company anniversary!
  • With the entry into force of the European Medical Device Regulation on 26 May 2021, all XION GmbH devices meet the requirements specified therein within the framework of the permissible deadlines
  • Portfolio of flexible video endoscopes expanded by the XN S20 nasopharyngoscope with working channel

  • Restructuring of international sales
  • Expansion of the flexible video endoscope portfolio with the XN P20 and XN S types
  • Redesign of the mobile endoscopy system EndoPORTABLE

Spectar Video Nasopharyngoscope
  • Merger of the subsidiary Graßhoff Medizintechnik, sale and integration of XION into the Group Henke-Sass, Wolf
  • Retirement of XION co-founder Reinhard Tietze
  • Introduction of the stroboscopic Spectar XN P paediatric video nasopharyngoscope and 2.7 mm thin 3D endoscopes for ENT applications

  • Expansion of the Spectar camera platform with additional processors and application parts and development of the 4K/UHD-capable "ultra" laparoscope series


EndoSTROBE Spectar
  • Introduction of the world's first 3D video stroboscopy system EndoSTROBE Spectar and the XN HD video nasopharyngoscope
  • Release of the extensively revised software DiVAS 2.8 64Bit

  • Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award for the 4K / 3D-capable adaptive camera platform MATRIX Spectar

Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg 2016
2014 red dot award EndoCOMPACT
  • red dot award 2014 for the EndoCOMPACT integrated endoscopy system
  • Introduction of the portable endoscopy system EndoPORTABLE

  • Publication of the English and Chinese editions of the "Handreichungen zur Stimmdiagnostik" (Aids to voice diagnostics) published by XION Verlag in 2012 (Wolfram Seidner, Tadeus Nawka (eds.))

Aids to Voice Diagnostics
  • IF product-design award for the completely revised XION equipment system comprising an innovative, modular equipment trolley and newly developed components such as cameras, light sources, insufflators,...
  • IF product design award for the EV-NE Video Nasopharyngoscope

  • Introduction of the CMOS EV-NC Video Nasopharyngoscope series and the MATRIX Polar ENT navigation system

  • Halogen and xenon light sources replaced by LED technology
  • Market launch of the phoniatric video endoscope with integrated EV-NE microphone

  • Market launch of the EV-N Video Nasopharyngoscope, the MATRIX HD camera system and the nomad C mobile endoscopy and stroboscopy system

EV-N Video Nasopharyngoscope
USB video otoscope
  • Development and production of USB video otoscopes for a well-known audiology provider

  • Development of the MATRIX E and MATRIX ES camera systems

USB Compact Camera
  • XION rounds off its product portfolio for ENT / phoniatrics with a new series of flexible nasopharyngoscopes and the first commercially available endoscopic USB compact camera.

  • QM certification in accordance with the new standard DIN ISO 13485
  • With the integration of electroglottography and the addition of digital interfaces, a battery and wireless foot switch, a digital microphone headset for phoniatric examinations and the first inductive endoscope preheater for the EndoSTROB system, XION positions itself as a technology leader in the field of voice diagnostics and phoniatrics.

Video Laryngoscope
  • Development and market launch of the Digital Video Archiving System DiVAS, the first rigid video laryngoscope and the first mobile stroboscopy system nomad

  • The Flexible Video Endoscopy business unit and the locations in Munich and Tallin are sold to Karl Storz GmbH & Co.KG
  • Market launch of the EndoSTROB D digital camera and video stroboscopy system

  • Merger of Meditronic, ETB and ETM Endoskopische Technik GmbH Munich to form XION GmbH with headquarters in Berlin
  • Market launch of the innovative camera and video stroboscopy system EndoSTROB

  • Foundation of ETB Endoskopische Technik GmbH Berlin, based in Berlin Köpenick, for the development and manufacture of products for minimally invasive surgery by Mr Helmut Laser and other co-partners
  • Founding of Meditronic GmbH, based in Hohen Neuendorf, for the development and production of medical electronics by Mr Reinhard Tietze and other co-partners