XION – System solutions for endoscopy

For 30 years now, XION has been developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative instruments, devices and systems for applications in endoscopy / minimally invasive surgery.

The product range includes rigid and flexible endoscopes, light sources, camera systems, equipment trolleys and software for patient management, documentation of findings, video processing and voice analysis.

Our expertise in precision mechanics, optics, electronics and software development and close cooperation with leading users enable us to perfectly match technologies. Integrated system solutions allow the physician to work more efficiently, increase patient safety and set new standards in endoscopy.

Modern production technologies, a consistently applied quality management system as well as the commitment and many years of experience of our more than 100 employees ensure the outstanding quality of our products and form the basis of our company’s successful development.

All XION products are manufactured at our production facility in Berlin.

With several of our own representatives abroad and an international dealer network, XION is now present in more than 50 countries.


The safe system with optimum handling

All modules of a XION system are harmonized to each other. Devices, optics and instruments form a unit that adapts to your way of working and supports your workflow. Technology from XION helps you to cope with the increasingly complex daily hospital routine.

DiVAS – The information hub for your patient data

DiVAS software ensures valid, comfortable and fast diagnostic findings, their documentation and patient-related data storage. Diagnostic and treatment data are recorded, analysed and archived. The modular design facilitates adaptation to your current and future needs. Your daily workflow is optimized and thus safer, so that you will have more time for your patients – now and in future.