Recording, archiving and analysis

The modular DiVAS software is used to record, process and manage patient and examination data such as endoscopic image data and voice diagnostics examination data. DiVAS can thus be optimally used in common endoscopic disciplines and also offers a large number of specific ENT or phoniatrics modules as well as useful functionalities such as creating medical reports, examination protocols together with extensive export options.

DiVAS is scalable from a single-user solution to a complex network solution that can be integrated into the hospital information system (HIS).


User management

In DiVAS, patient data is generally protected by a simple user administration system in which access rights are regulated by a combination of physician name and password.

An extension to this is provided by the DiVAS User Management module, which can be used to define additional roles and rights for different user groups.

DiVAS User Management

Picture/video documentation

Two modules are available in DiVAS for comprehensive image documentation in 2D and 3D, the DiVAS Photo Documentation module and the DiVAS Video Documentation module.

During an examination, photos and videos can be taken and automatically assigned to the selected patient. Of course, existing image material can also be imported into a patient file at any time.

The resulting image material can be viewed and edited, for example it is possible to crop individual areas of an examination video for closer examination. In addition, there are many other functions available including exporting or importing image material or adjusting the image contrast or brightness, or changing the playback speed of a video.

Besides the image material generated with XION's own systems, image material from external signal sources such as operating room microscopes, ultrasound or fluoroscopy can also be integrated into DiVAS for further documentation and processing.

DiVAS image and video documentation


A large number of phoniatrics-specific modules provide the means to perform special examinations including the processing of all relevant examination data in the field of ENT endoscopy and voice diagnostics, all under a uniform user interface.

Depending on the requirements, different DiVAS modules can be selected or used in combination to perform and document examinations such as singing voice analysis, speaking voice analysis, voice range profiling, voice strain tests, strobokymography, stroboscopies or determining the Voice Handicap Index.



For swallowing diagnostics, the DiVAS module Dysphagia Diagnostics FEED offers a form wizard that guides the examiner through the examination documentation and allows the images of the examination video to be integrated into reports.

The module is based on international standards and supports time-saving evaluation and documentation of the endoscopic swallowing examination.


Network solutions

Several DiVAS workstations can be connected with the DiVAS Network Licence module and the DiVAS Net Server Software module to form a local network that accesses the same database. This makes DiVAS scalable from a single-user solution to a complex network solution.

DiVAS network systems can be supplemented by the DiVAS Viewer so that, for example, external computers can be integrated for viewing and processing examination results that were provided by XION examination systems and DiVAS.

Integration into the office or clinic network

DiVAS can be easily integrated into hospital information systems (HIS) using standard HL7 and DICOM interfaces.

Video broadcasting and conference system

DiVAS provides a platform for telemedicine and live transmissions in HD quality with the DiVAS Live module. Image data from different video sources can be displayed simultaneously on one monitor with the picture-in-picture function, e.g. to simultaneously view images from an endoscopic camera and a room camera.

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