TRINOX trocar system for laparoscopy

The TRINOX trocar system with its proven solenoid flap valve is made entirely of stainless steel and is virtually indestructible even under the increased stresses resulting from modern reprocessing. TRINOX trocars are functional, light as well as safe and are available in all necessary dimensions and designs.

  • Available in many variants and designs for instrument diameters from 2.7 mm to 16 mm
  • Logical design, clear labelling and easy disassembly into a few individual parts – developed for effective and safe reprocessing with all cleaning and sterilisation methods
  • Moderate acquisition costs, effective and cost-saving in use, durable and future-proof

Solenoid flap valve

A patented magnetic system holds the hardened steel valve flap in its metal seal seat without an axle or springs. The inserted instrument opens the loose flap, which automatically returns to its closed position when the instrument is removed. The flap can be easily removed for reprocessing.

Trocar mandrels

Trocar mandrels with conical and triangular sharp tips as well as safety trocars with internal perforation protection are available for the TRINOX system.
Obturators with rounded tips are used in conjunction with HASSON-type conical attachments.



There is an extensive range of accessories for the Trocar system such as

  • Extraction sleeves facilitate safe retrieval of tissue and are helpful when inserting delicate smaller-diameter instruments, moving swabs or mesh into the surgical site, and make endoscopic suturing easier.

  • Fixation sleeves with thread for affixing the trocar sleeve in the abdominal wall

  • HASSON-type cone attachments allow fixation of a standard trocar sleeve during mini-laparotomy

  • Reducing adapters and flap reducers facilitate the insertion of smaller diameter instruments without gas loss

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