EndoSURGERY Spectar

The endoscopy system for all endoscopic applications

A universal camera processor for highest demands

The MATRIX P Spectar camera processor in combination with the MATRIX LED duo high-power LED light source forms a solid basis for the imaging provided by the EndoSURGERY system.

  • Consistent and future-proof Spectar Connector for all 2D and 3D camera heads and video endoscopes
  • Excellent image quality by means of image processing routines specially adapted to the application
  • Improved tissue differentiation using PIET Image Enhancement
  • Optimum system integration in the equipment trolley by means of the XION modular housing system and central power-on control
  • Clear and intuitive control panel
  • Comprehensive safety concept

Camera heads with fixed focal lengths or zoom with resolutions up to 4K/UHD are available for all standard applications with rigid endoscopes.

  • Accurately detailed, crisp, bright and low-noise images
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Individually programmable buttons
  • Zoom lens 16-32 mm or fixed focal length 22 mm

OR microscopes can be integrated into the imaging system via image splitters and the C-mount camera head.

A well conceived system with maximum ease of use

Together with the DiVAS software, the MATRIX DS data station forms the basis for digitally acquiring, managing and evaluating patient and examination data and for connecting to hospital information systems via standard interfaces such as DICOM / HL7.

The system can be equipped with monitors from 27" to 55”, depending on requirements. Often a 21.5" monitor with touch function serves as a second monitor for operating the overall system.

If the EndoSURGERY system is not installed suspended from the ceiling in the integrated operating room, the XION PREMIUM equipment trolley is used. All device components can be mounted directly in the trolley without additional storage boards, forming a compact, tidy and optimally operable system unit.

  • Optimal ease of operation provided by the central power control for all devices
  • Maximum patient safety provided by the integrated isolation transformer and insulation monitor
  • Intelligent, operating-room compatible ventilation concept
  • IF-award winning, unified and functional design of the overall system including accessories such as drawers or support systems
  • Versatile system of holders for camera heads, endoscopes and fibre-optic light conductors etc.
  • External connection panel for connection to peripheral video sources or temporary monitors and with an isolated network connection for connection to the HIS / PACS

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Components of the EndoSURGERY Spectar system

Camera processors for surgery

Equipped for native sensor resolutions up to 4K/UHD, MATRIX P Spectar Camera Processors offer new possibilities for rigid and flexible endoscopy with the usual ease of use.

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Camera processors for surgery

MATRIX LED duo and fibre-optic light conductor

The high light intensity, compact design and option for external control make XION light sources suitable for a wide range of endoscopic applications, including video-stroboscopy.

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Spectar camera heads

Thanks to the universal Spectar Connector, a growing number of freely interchangeable application parts are available for the Spectar camera platform, whereby the 3D and 4K/UHD camera heads are supported exclusively by the P/PL processors.

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Spectar Camera Head 4K/UHD Zoom

DiVAS 2.8

The modular DiVAS software is used to record, process and manage patient and examination data such as endoscopic image data and voice diagnostics examination data.

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DiVAS 2.8