Mobile video endoscopy

The mobile EndoPORTABLE Veezar examination system consists of the tablet PC designed for medical use,an EndoPORTABLE Veezar Adapter permanently attached to the side and the flexible FN10 or FN20 video endoscopes. The pre-installed DiVAS 3.0 software enables the loading of patient data via synchronisation with a DiVAS workstation, the recording and playback of examination videos and photos and their transfer back to the stationary DiVAS system. During use, the tablet PC can be operated either lying down, set up in two positions using the integrated bracket or suspended from an infusion stand.

Basic functions of the pre-installed DiVAS 3.0 examination software:

  • Silent stroboscopy of the vocal folds
  • Creating and editing patient and examiner data
  • Recording video and photo sessions
  • Exporting single images from video sessions

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Components of the EndoPORTABLE Veezar system

Veezar Video Nasopharyngoscopes FN10 and FN20

The flexible Veezar Video Nasopharyngoscopes FN10 and FN20 unite a high-resolution image and perfect illumination in an optimally manageable instrument.
The scaled-down shaft diameter of the FN20 reduces patient burden and also makes it possible to examine toddlers down to infants.

Veezar Video Nasopharyngoscopes FN10 and FN20

DiVAS 3.0

DiVAS 3.0 is the latest version of the software for recording, processing and managing patient and examination data such as endoscopic image data.

DiVAS 3.0 will initially be supplied exclusively with the EndoPORTABLE Veezar system. 

DiVAS 3.0