Castle Course Lübbenau

"Schloss-Kurs Lübbenau", a long, interactive training weekend with lectures, practical exercises and joint case discussions, has been held annually by XION since March 2006.

The declared mission is to teach multidimensional and integrative organ and function diagnostics. In particular, the combination of perceptive and modern apparative methods is taken into account.

Right from the beginning, the Schloss Lübbenau location, the time of year and the collegial, even friendly ties between the speakers have characterised the special atmosphere of this series of events. The exchange is open and benevolent and the knowledge and skills acquired in the practical exercises can often be used immediately afterwards in the daily practice and hospital routine.

Due to the Corona measures, the Schlosskurs (castle course) unfortunately had to be cancelled in recent years.

This spring the course will finally take place again and we would be delighted to welcome you to Schloss Lübbenau.