Stationary MATRIX LED duo light source

The high light intensity, compact design and option for external control make XION light sources suitable for a wide range of endoscopic applications, including video-stroboscopy. Even at full light output, operation is almost silent.

A choice of adapters guarantees compatibility with different types of fibre-optic light conductors and eases integration into existing equipment environments.

  • Two light exits
  • Long-life LEDs – low operating costs
  • Minimum noise level (<30 dB at 1m distance)
  • Manual, automatic control for light intensity
  • Automatic safety shutdown when the fibre-optic light guide is removed

Fibre-optic cable

The fibre bundles of the XION fibre-optic light conductors are compressed using a special process and fused together without the use of adhesives. The resulting honeycomb-shaped composite fibre – without intermediate spaces – significantly increases the packing density of the fibres and thus the amount of light that can be transmitted. Since no adhesives are used, this ensures excellent resistance to the thermal stress normally caused by high-performance light sources as well as the stress caused during mechanical reprocessing. A reinforcement running along the entire length of the cable and bend protection on both sides under the outer sheath protect the high-end glass fibre bundle from mechanical damage. Different available diameters and lengths allow for optimal adaptation to the endoscope used and the respective application.

LED high-performance fibre-optic light conductors use fibres with optimal transmission for the spectrum of LED light sources and facilitate a further increase in light yield.

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