Equipment trolleys and support systems

Equipment Trolleys

XION’s compact and space-saving trolleys offer the highest level of stability, flexibility and variety of equipment options. Thanks to their modular structure and the extensive range of accessories available, they can be configured for the widest range of applications, and can subsequently also be repeatedly adapted to changing requirements. The PREMIUM and BASIC model series take different user requirements into account. The equipment of the BASIC models is limited to a 400 VA isolating transformer and 8 mains connections. The PREMIUM models are equipped with a 1,500 VA isolating transformer with insulation monitor, 12 mains connections and a central on/off control. Cleaning and servicing the device systems is made easier because the XION units are mounted directly without storage boards and they have defined ventilation routing and intelligent cable management. The equipment trolley controller makes it possible to centrally switch on and off of the entire system via just one button and also to easily perform safety-related tests.

XION Equipment Trolleys thus meet all requirements for the safety and ergonomics of complex endoscopic systems in diagnostics and therapy.


The EndoDESK back panel system facilitates the fixed connection of several devices to form a closed functional unit. The rear panel connects the individual device housings and covers the rear cabling. Thanks to the internal cabling, only one mains cable is required for the power supply. In conjunction with the optional rear-mountable monitor holder, a compact, self-contained and economical system is created.

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