Sistemi completi di alta qualità per la sala operatoria e l'ambulatorio medico.

XION Navigation System MATRIX POLAR

XION Navigation System MATRIX POLAR supports surgeons by continuously matching radiological image data with the current endoscopic image. The position of the instruments in the operative field is thus known precisely at all times. 

MATRIX POLAR facilitates optimal orientation, even when confronted with complex, patient-specific anatomical structures or an absence of anatomical landmarks. Interventions can be performed more easily, with increased safety, and reduced complications.

The MATRIX POLAR navigation system enables the implementation of interventions as well as the preoperative planning with the aid of a patient's 3D model. Additionally, the preoperative planning may be conducted via a workplace outside the OR.

MATRIX POLAR expands the DiVAS High-resolution Video and Documentation System for endoscopic and microsurgical applications by providing it with a user-friendly clinical navigation system. It is space-saving due to integration into the XION mobile endoscopic work station and can be combined with existing microscopes.