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Video Nasopharyngoscope EV-NE H

Highest image quality and comfortable handling are the features that distinguish the new video nasopharyngoscope EV-NE H.
Thanks to a cutting-edge camera technology, this innovative instrument offers incomparably high image resolution, detail and high contrast images.
The video nasopharyngoscope EV-NE H is ideal for use in stroboscopy and swallowing diagnostics, but is also optimal for all routine examinations in ENT clinics and practices.


• Highest image resolution
• High-contrast images with enhanced accurate detail
• Connected to the control unit via a single cable
• Ergonomic and symmetric handle
• Programmable function buttons
• Suitable for both machine and manual reprocessing
• Ideal for use in stroboscopy and swallowing diagnostics


Awarded with the iF Product Award for high quality imaging and comfortable handling.