XION Voice Diagnostics & Therapy

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XION Swallowing-Diagnostics for radiological diagnostics (video-fluoroscopy) and endoscopic evaluation

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Video Nasopharyngoscope ERGO

Premium quality high-end images, obtained through innovative camera electronics with advanced sensor technology and a high-performance optical system, and comfortable, ergonomic handling are the features that distinguish the Video Nasopharyngoscope ERGO. It is optimally designed for applications in stroboscopy and swallowing diagnostics, but also ideal for all routine
ENT examinations.


  • High-contrast non-interlaced images with highly accurate detail
  • Ergonomically formed handle
  • Camera sensor, fibre-optic light guide, optics and microphone are all integrated within a very handy instrument and only connected to the control unit by means of a single cable
  • Optimally designed for stroboscopy and swallowing diagnostics
  • Ergonomically positioned control elements
  • Freely programmable function buttons
  • Suitable for both machine and manual reprocessing
  • Due to its symmetrical design, the device can be used equally by left and right handed users
  • Compatible with all MATRIX E-, EndoSTROB series control units