XION Voice Diagnostics & Therapy

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Sistemi completi di alta qualità per la sala operatoria e l'ambulatorio medico.


The video laryngoscopes combine the optical system, camera chip and microphone in one single instrument which can be handled optimally. There is only one cable to connect the video laryngoscope to the EndoSTROB control unit. The range of high-resolution XION video endoscopes has been completed with two >> 7 mm laryngoscopes incorporating advanced chip technology.


  • high-resolution CCD sensor at distal tip
  • high light sensitivity
  • full screen monitor image
  • fix-position of the microphone for comparable results
  • handy focus ring sharp images
  • integrated memory button replaces foot switch
  • one-cable solution
  • simple and patient caring handling
  • ergonomic design and handling