The MATRIX HD represents a module of the HD Endoscopy System.

Cameraprocessor MATRIX HD

The MATRIX HD camera processor forms the basis of the XION HD video and documentation system. It transmits the Full HD1080p resolution and fulfills the requirements for progressive HD quality. This applies especially in combination with the digital video archiving and evaluation system DiVAS.


  • high-quality pictures due to full HD resolution
  • camera head is extremely small, lightweight and fits perfectly in the user's hand
  • 2 ergonomically arranged function keys at the camera head can be freely assigned by the user
  • optical parfocal zoom (f = 16 to 32 mm) allows the image size to be adapted without compromising quality and without the need for refocusing
  • can be optimally integrated in the XION trolley with central activation, control and non-interruptable electricity supply

MATRIX HD C-mount camera head for microscopy