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The EndoSTROB E System of the latest XION device generation supports all endoscopic applications in the field of ENT. The EndoSTROB E system may be fully integrated in DiVAS software environment including network solutions via DICOM and HL7.


  • top quality pictures and videos with excellent colour fidelity, high-contrast and low-noise images of high resolution
  • sharp images with clear representation of the border-edges of vocal chords
  • noiseless, flicker-free stroboscopic effect
  • usable with XION video endoscopes and camera heads
  • two separately controllable light outputs facilitate simultaneous connection of endocope and headlight
  • digital signal outputs
  • digital documentation system DiVAS HD for images, videos and audio signals
  • automatical  light intensity control
  • control of memory and recording functions with programmable buttons at camera head or with wireless foot switch
  • can be optimally integrated in the XION trolley with central activation, control and non-interruptable electricity supply
  • fundamental frequency and sound pressure level can be faded into the video
  • latest XION trolley provides a uniform and clear design with improved cooling, easier handling due to central operation control


The EndoSTROB HD 3CCD provides functions for recording endoscopic and stroboscopic images and video data in the high-resolution Full HD format and, together with innovative LED lighting technology, ensures outstanding image quality.


  • Full HD1080p resolution for the entire imaging and documentation chain
  • Can be used for all endoscopic and stroboscopic applications in the field of ENT
  • Integration in PACS and HIS via DICOM and HL7
  • Connection to DiVAS HD Net
  • Digital documentation system DiVAS HD for images, videos, audio and measurement data
  • Noiseless, flicker-free stroboscopic effect
  • fundamental frequency and vocal soundpressure level can be displayed in the video