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EndoSURGERY System for ENT

The EndoSURGERY System ENT is designed for ENT medicine and supports all diagnostic and surgical application. It is a complete, high-resolution video and documentation system for endoscopic and microsurgical applications.

The innovative trolley and the individual XION components incorporated within it form a coordinated system featuring highest functionality.

Its video- and documentation components ensure brilliant image quality with display of lifelike image details and high depth of field. External image and video sources such as microscopy, X-ray (CT), MRI and ultrasound can be easily integrated.


EndoSURGERY Components:

»   MATRIX HD Camera - Full HD with 1920x1080 resolution for the entire imaging and documentation chain

»   MATRIX LED Duo - Very bright, homogeneously illuminating light source with extremely quiet operation

»  MATRIX DS Data Station - Integrative data station for efficient digital management, Evaluation and archiving

»   XION DiVAS Software - valid, comfortable and fast diagnostic findings, documentation and patient-related data storage with integration into the HIS and PACS