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EndoSTROB System for ENT and Stroboscopy

The EndoSTROB System supports all endoscopic applications in the field of ENT. Together with its audio technology and the digital documentation system DiVAS, swallowing diagnostics, endoscopy and stroboscopy are possible.

Like all systems of XION, EndoSTROB offers brilliant images quality with excellent color fidelity, low-noise, increased brightness and high-contrast. It is perfectly integrated into the compact XION trolley with central operation and uninterruptible power supply.


  • Noiseless, flicker-free stroboscopic effect
  • Sharp images with clear representation of the border-edges of vocal chords
  • Fundamental frequency and sound pressure level can be faded into the video


EndoSTROB Components:

 »  EndoSTROB E Camera (Standard) - High quality endoscopic and stroboscopic image and video recording

»  EndoSTROB HD Camera (High Definition) - Endoscopic and stroboscopic images in full-HD resolution (1920x1080)

»  Video Nasopharyngoscope - High-resolution images, ergonomic design, image sensor with global shutter technology and integrated microphone - for routine

use, laryngostroboscopy and swallowing diagnostics

»  Video Laryngoscopes - Slim design, easy operation of focus/image triggering and integrated microphone for comparable measurements

»  MATRIX LED Duo - Very bright, homogeneously illuminating light source with extremely quiet operation

»  MATRIX DS Data Station - Integrative data station for efficient digital management, evaluation and archiving