DiVAS software module for swallowing diagnostics

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The DiVAS software module for analysis of image and video data
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Video fluoroscopy with DiVAS software

Endoscopic and video-fluoroscopic methods for the diagnosis of dysphagia complement each other perfectly. DiVAS software collects, edits, evaluates and stores endoscopic data as well as the video signals of the C-arm. The entire process of swallowing is thus recorded as a video using x-rays. The evaluation is performed on the basis of the video-fluoroscopy protocol which, together with the endoscopic data, is processed by the DiVAS software. Support for both of these methods facilitates diagnosis and control considerably.

Split screen: view two recordings next to each other

  • Directly comparing two recordings in this manner ensures
  • optimal evaluation and follow-up, especially with the
  • complementary diagnostic procedures VFSS and FEES.