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The EndoPORTABLE is designed for mobile applications on foot and is unmatched when speed is of the essence or access is impeded by steps and stairways. The EndoPORTABLE is light-weight and can be held comfortably by hand, placed on a flat surface or attached to an infusion stand.

Stored in a sterile container together with the XION video nasopharyngoscope, the EndoPORTABLE can be quickly delivered to the patient and immediately applied. The sterile container facilitates transportation of the sterile endoscope to the patient and safe return of the contaminated endoscope after its application. Sterile covers for the shaft of the video nasopharyngoscope are also available from XION.

The built-in battery recharges quickly, provides power for up to four hours of use and thus ensures mains-independent operation. The EndoPORTABLE is used locally, and data is automatically synchronized with the central network. The DiVAS software acquires all data and assigns it to the respective patient records. The DiVAS software thus ensures easy handling and documentation.