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Swallowing Diagnostics

XION swallowing diagnostic systems meet the needs of a wide range of applications – from the acute examination at the patient's bedside to comprehensive examinations with video-endoscopic and video-fluoroscopic methods.

The DiVAS digital video archiving and analysis software manages data, optimizes workflow and enables consistent and efficient diagnostic analysis, documentation and reporting.



Local deployment, central management
DiVAS software manages all data and ensures access and exchange throughout the hospital.
EndoPORTABLE – quick response to patients
The portable system with video nasopharyngoscope - an ideal combination for acute deployments.
The EndoSTROB system – for diagnostics in HD
This system supports dysphagia screening, stroboscopy, and all other endoscopic applications.
Video-fluoroscopic swallowing diagnostics
Video signals from the C-arm are processed and analysed by the DiVAS software.
Automatically create reports with DiVAS
Improved workflow due to intuitive user guidance, automatic plausibility checks and much more.