DiVAS Net Network

DiVAS Software Module for network solutions by XION
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The DiVAS software module
for patient management
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Workflow support with DiVAS software

The DiVAS software automatically records, archives and evaluates video and audio sequences, images and measurement data. The recordings are saved in patient records as sessions, together with the name of the examiner, session data and comments. For each parameter being assessed, the software provides diagnostic lists for the physiology and pathology of the swallowing process. Appropriate criteria are selected with a mouse click, while individual additional information can be entered at any time. This saves a lot time for administration and diagnosing.

Single-image accurate representation of the swallowing process

A slow-motion representation facilitates objective assessment and evaluation based on three criteria:

  1. Changes in morphological structures
  2. Speed and coordination of the movement processes
  3. Proof of residues, penetration and aspiration


Simultaneously view examination and evaluation

The simultaneous presentation of the examination video and the evaluation makes analysis easier, saves time, and unifies the findings. Expressive images can easily be dragged & dropped into the evaluation.

Automatic documentation and reporting

By automatically generating a summary in the form of a medical report, all assessed parameters, the image material and the diagnostic results with individual remarks and therapy recommendations are comprehensively documented.