Reference book

"Aids to Voice Diagnostics - By professionals for professionals" discuss questions relating to voice diagnostics from a clinical perspective. The aim is to provide a guide for a meaningful link between perceptive and instrument-based voice diagnostics.

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DiVAS Voice Strain Test

During the voice strain test, the test person reads a text with varying loudness targets. The sound pressure level (SPL) and the fundamental frequency are measured in realtime. The test person receives feedback by changing screen colours when the voice exceeds the target or falls below it. The degree of strain, test period and speaking volume are configurable.

evaluated parameters

  • lower SPL deviation in percent per strain degree
  • SPL over the time including superceedance and shortfalls
  • mean fundamental frequency per strain degree
  • automatic statistics in an table chart
  • replay and free navigation in the audio track along the SPL diagram
  • findings and self-assessment