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"Aids to Voice Diagnostics - By professionals for professionals" discuss questions relating to voice diagnostics from a clinical perspective. The aim is to provide a guide for a meaningful link between perceptive and instrument-based voice diagnostics.

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The electroglottogram (EGG) is recorded during the stroboscopy thus for the first time enabling the direct comparison of the stroboscopy video and the EGG diagram.


  • calculation of Quasi-Open-Quotient (QOQ) and sound pressure level
  • display of the current EGG diagram and the QOQ value in the stroboscopic live video
  • zoom function in diagram
  • record and replay of EGG either separately or during the stroboscopy

To obtain stroboscopic images, the syncronization can be
carried out by the microphone or via the electroglottography electrodes with microphone. The electrodes guarantee the reliable and quick detection of the fundamental frequency.