Universal Adapter System

MATRIX POLAR enables navigation of several conventional surgical instruments in ENT, MFC and Neurosurgery. This is ensured with the help of Instrument Adapter System, consisting of an instrument tracker and an instrument clamp.

Conventional surgical instruments, such as suction tubes or active surgical instruments - as for example shavers and drills from Bien Air - may be navigated by the surgeon.

Furthermore, disturbing interruptions during operations are omitted. By using the navigation of surgical instruments no instrument's change in order to obtain navigational data is needed.

Finally, the safety during surgery is increased as navigational data is continously provided by active surgical instruments.

Key benefits:

  • Navigation of any surgical instrument in ENT - up to a diameter of 10 mm
  • Navigation of forceps and shavers
  • Navigation of various instruments at the same time
  • Navigation without any cables
  • Easy calibration of instruments and endoscopes with calibration body
  • Instrument calibration takes less than a minute