Surgical Navigation - Orientation in ENT, CMF and neurology

One of the challenges in surgical procedures is the safe orientation within the surgical situs.

Prior to surgery, radiological image data of the operative field are prepared; this data is used for subsequently planning the intervention (e.g. CT, MRT). For orientation during surgery, the surgeon's anatomical knowledge is merged with these preoperative data and the live endoscopic images received.

The XION Navigation supports the surgeon by continually matching the preoperative image data with current endoscopic images. The user thus has clear orientation and knows the exact position of the instrument at any time in the procedure.



NOVA PLAN - Planning Station
Planning of navigated interventions at the computer - with the planning station NOVA PLAN
MATRIX POLAR - Navigation System
Clear orientation before and during surgery, even in complex patient-specific anatomical structures or...
Augmented Reality
Pre- and intraoperatively anatomical structures can be highlighted and displayed in the live endoscopic image.
Navigated Endoscope
Universal endoscope tracker to navigate endoscopes
Basic Instruments
Basic Instruments for patient registration and navigation during surgery
Universal Adapter System
The Universal Instrument Adapter System allows navigation of various surgical instruments.