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Spectar Video Nasopharyngoscope XN HD

The innovative system concept of the adaptive Spectar camera platform provides the features necessary for using video endoscopes with different sensor resolutions. Besides being able to control 3D and 4K camera heads for surgical applications, the  same  interface can be used to connect high-resolution, flexible video endoscopes.

With a shaft diameter of just 3.6 mm, the Spectar Video Nasopharyngoscope XN HD delivers true-colour, high-contrast images that are accurate in detail and feature good depth of field.

The high-performance LED integrated in the handle ensures homogeneous illumination of the entire  image. A separate light source is no longer needed!

Thanks to the ergonomically angled handle, an image sensor featuring  global-shutter  technology,  and a built-in microphone,  the XN HD is equally suitable both for routine use in ENT as well as for laryngeal  stroboscopy and swallowing diagnostics.

Impressive image quality and easy handling make the Video Nasopharyngoscope XN HD an indispensable tool in clinical applications.

•  Extremely clear, bright, high-contrast, high-resolution images facilitate the exact representation of
    finest structures
•  Electronic magnifications of 1.2 x and 1.5 x are possible
•  Integrated LED lighting, no external light source is required
•  Excellent, homogeneous illumination of the field of view
•  Angled, ergonomically shaped handle for easy handling, symmetrical design for right and left handed
•  The integrated microphone and global shutter technology make this instrument ideally suited for 
    laryngeal stroboscopy
•  Programmable function keys
•  Suitable for both machine and manual reprocessing
•  Spectar Connector