TRINOX Trocar System

TRINOX is the logical successor of the established XION trocar system with>> magnetic flap valve. Addressing the increased demand of cost efficiency and automatic reprocessing of instruments, TRINOX is made of stainless steel and almost indestructible.

TRINOX is functional, light and reliable. All necessary types, lengths and diameters are available.

A large range of accessories completes the system.

TRINOX trocars and the accessories are offered in all dimensions and types required.


  • high degree of functionality and reliability
  • easy to handle, no additional handle to open/close
  • simple construction without springs and mechanical joints
  • logically designed, clearly marked, easy to dismantle into few parts
  • high insufflation rate
  • no loss of gas when exchanging the instrument
  • easy and save insertion and removal of instruments and endoscopes
  • enlarged distal opening
  • elliptic cut-out of trocar sleeve for easy removal of tissue
  • low weight and compact design
  • fully autoclavable