Universal pump MATRIX MULTI PUMP


The MATRIX MULTI PUMP has been designed for flexible use in four different fields of surgery: laparoscopy, arthroscopy, hysteroscopy and urological endoscopy. The automatic control system for pressure and flow ensures an ideal fluid balance, optimum visibility, and continuous process monitoring in compliance with highest international safety standards.

All common access instruments can be connected to the pump for both arthroscopy as well as gynaecological and urological endoscopy. For laparoscopy, the pump is used in combination with a suction and irrigation instrument that secures the supply and removal of fluid to and from the surgical site.

  • Automatic control of pressure and flow for optimum visibility and fluid balance
  • Enhanced safety in compliance with highest international standards
  • Constant process monitoring
  • Fast, easy and intuitive handling
  • Transponder technology providing protection against incorrect operation
  • Easy insertion of irrigation tubes