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MATRIX Spectar – The first adaptive camera platform for 2D and 3D endoscopy

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Winner of the Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg 2016

MATRIX Spectar by XION is the first adaptive camera processor which allows the operation of all current and future camera heads, all rigid and flexible video endoscopes as well as video compact systems for 2D and 3D endoscopy - and this with highest image quality.

The rapid development of imaging technologies for endoscopic procedures has led to a continuous improvement in image quality and to numerous different technical solutions. The adaptive camera platform MATRIX Spectar is expandable for a wide range of 2D and 3D applications making new investments for different imaging systems obsolete. 

  •   Flexible use with all rigid and flexible endoscopes in 2D and 3D
  •   Brilliant, lifelike image display with optical and electronic zoom
  •   Designed for native sensor resolutions up to 4K
  •   Standardized operating concept as well as reduced service and maintenance costs
  •   Budget control through a flexible expansion of the system

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For the first time it is now possible to operate 2D and 3D cameras as well as all video endoscopes through one single camera platform. HD image resolution and 4K are on principle possible.

The MATRIX P Spectar camera processor, 3D HD camera head and 3D endoscopes with 2.7mm and 4mm diameter make up the first complete 3D video endoscopy system in the world for all applications required with an endoscope diameter of ≤ 4mm.

  • 3D Endoscope Ø 2.7mm, 0°/30°
  • 3D Endoscope Ø 4 mm, 0°/30°/45°/70°