Due to a comprehensive revision of our product portfolio, the sections SYSTEMS and COMPONENTS of this website are under revision. A part of our proven camera lines will be replaced by the products of the new Spectar series. Further innovative products will be presented here shortly.

Of course the portfolio still includes

  •     Rigid and flexible endoscopes
  •     Flexible video endoscopes
  •     Instruments
  •     Light sources
  •     Camera systems
  •     Monitors
  •     Computer-based documentation systems based on our software DiVAS

EndoSURGERY, EndoSTROBE, EndoFLEX, EndoPORTABLE - our compact and user-friendly workstation systems meet all requirements for endoscopic equipment in the practice, outpatient clinic or operating theatre.
DiVAS manages your patient and examination data, enables extensive voice analyses, networks your local systems and connects to the HIS / PACS via DICOM and HL7.

If you have any questions, please contact our head office on +49 (0) 30-47 49 87-0, or contact one of our customer service representatives or a sales representative in your region directly.