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News dated 14.01.2014:

The economical alternative: EndoCOMPACT

As an alternative to complex XION solutions designed for integrated ENT surgery or specialized phoniatricians, EndoCOMPACT has been developed for routine requirements in the ENT practice or outpatient clinic.

The exceptional compact control unit integrates LED illumination, video nasopharyngoscope, video otoscope, compact camera and an optional external microphone.
When one of these devices is taken from the respective holder, it is automatically activated within DiVAS software. The function keys of the devices provide a convenient interface for creating videos and/or photos.
The integrated electronics supports stroboscopic examinations of the vocal chords both with the microphone of the video nasopharyngoscope as well as with the microphone of the LED light source in combination with the compact camera.

Compact, integrated solution 
for standard applications in the ENT practice
  • Easy, safe handling
  • Efficient work process
Versatile options for integration into an 
existing equipment environment
  • Highly favourable cost-benefit ratio