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News dated 22.05.2014:

DiVAS work packages for phoniatrics

Optimized workflow and more time for your patient

DiVAS provides the basis for an improved workflow in voice diagnostics. It embodies a uniform, highly effective, safe and consistent process of diagnosis, documentation and reporting that can be consistently repeated for every patient. The system further delivers defined patient treatment paths, clear, unambiguous wording, a common process language and, above all, more time for the patient.

With the help of a wide range of different users, three voice diagnostics work packages, featuring different functional scopes depending on the respective field of activity, were compiled and tested. While the minimum package featuring video laryngoscopy and stroboscopy, speaking-voice analysis and voice range profile has a relatively small scope, the full package even supports treatment for the singing voice.

All recorded measurement data, analyses, evaluations, diagnoses, videos and images are automatically stored in the electronic patient file from where they can be retrieved and summarized in a customized medical report or document and printed with the click of a button. Some first applications have shown that this procedure can significantly optimize the workflow. So much more time is available for the patient!