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The DiVAS software module for analysis of image and video data
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EndoCOMPACT - The Mobile Unit for ENT

The EndoCOMPACT System is specially designed for everyday requirements of ENT practices and outpatient clinical departments. It can be integrated into an existing ENT unit or be used with the equipment carrier as a compact mobile system.

This exceptionally compact control unit integrates LED illumination, video nasopharyngoscope, video otoscope, compact camera and an optional external microphone.


  • Compact system for standard applications in the field of ENT
  • Versatile possibilities of integration in an existing device environment
  • Ergonomic design and user-friendly software
  • Very good value for money


EndoCOMPACT Components:

 »   Video Nasopharyngoscope - High-resolution images, ergonomic design, image sensor with global shutter technology and integrated microphone - for routine use, laryngostroboscopy and swallowing diagnostics

»   Video Otoscope - Comfortable examination and assessment with integrated optical preheating unit

»   Compact Camera - Camera electronics, lens and operating buttons in a very handy camera head

»   XION DiVAS software - Fast and efficient creation of finding reports detection as well as digital video archiving and analysis with HIS / PACS connection

LED lighting head with microphone - Powerful and suitable for all rigid and flexible endoscopes